Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lesson #7: Homemaking

I am SUPER excited for this lesson!  I purchased a set of 4 wooden spoons from walmart for $.88.  In our yw closet, we had a metal stamping set we had used for another activity.  The wood on these spoons were so soft just a few hits with the hammer left a really great indent.  So, I stamped on my saying and then to make the words stand out, I  just traced over the letters with marker.
After that was done, I tied the spoons with ribbon and attached this recipe card with it. I am so happy with the way the recipe card turned out. I couldn't be more pleased!

* NOTE: I made a mistake! I first did the red (Not washable) marker and it LOOKS really cute, but when it gets wet the marker bleeds. So I went over it with a black fine point sharpie, which will not bleed. So please don't make my same mistake, just use a permanent marker if you do this and not the colored marker. If you don't have the stamping set, I bet just writing it with permanent marker would also work.

Click Here to use the free printable for the recipe card front
To give credit, to where credit is due, I found the template for thre recipe cards here.

Posted by PicasaClick Here to open the quote for the back of the recipe card.

Lesson 5: Finding Joy in our Divine Potential

For this lesson, the manual says to invite a guest speaker so that is exactly what I did.  Afterwards, I spoke to the girls for a few minutes.  This handout turned out PERFECTLY!  It tied in with the lesson so well.  The saying on the side of the shoe says, "LOVE THE SHOES YOU"RE IN!"  I wanted to get the message across that we are daughters of our Heavenly Father.  WE shouldn't try to be anyone else, but we should learn to love ourselves.  I filled the inside of the paper shoes with heart candies and embellished the shoes.  The girls literally wend gaga over these!  I had a few mom's stop me in the halls and comment on them as well. 

Posted by Picasa I found the template for these shoes here.
 *note, these are so cute, but quite time consuming.  I found a few easier patterns, but they aren't as detailed. 

Click here to print out the saying, "Love the Shoes You're In!"