Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Tree Topiaries made out of Tomato Cages!

I know I have posted a ton of Young Women ideas, but I also wanted this blog to be my creative happenings as well.  So here is an idea that I made up all myself! Thought I'd share!

As I lay awake one night, trying to think of what I can put in my empty pots that flank my garage door for Christmas (without the expense), an idea jolted me like lightning! Transform my old tomato cages into Christmas topiaries.  I just taped the ends together, wrapped some garland around it and Voila! A Topiary! I am so happy with the way it turned out. You would never guess it was a tomato cage and since I had most of the materials, it was way inexpensive!
 To make this project, all you need per tree is:
  •  13.5 feet of garland. ( basically 1 1/2 packages of 9 ft. garland which I bought at Walmart for $2 each).
  • 15 ft. tinsel ($3.50 walmart)
  • 100 ct. mini lights
  • 1 star topper (optional, price varies-I found mine at Walgreens for $7.50, which is the cheapest I found)
  • 3 hose stakes (found in the sprinkler section at Home Depot for $.39 each--see picture below) 
*approx. 30 minutes of time to put together.

 These are the hose stakes I found at Home depot.  They are $.39 each and just hook right over the cage so that the wind won't blow them over.  Perfect!