Sunday, August 18, 2013


**UPDATE **: Please click here for the: Temple Template

I am super excited about this!  I saw this idea on Pinterest, but it had no instructions or any detail.  I just gave a Come Follow Me lesson on "Why is Temple Marriage Important?"  I gave this as my handout, but this would be cute for girls camp too.  I purchased two, 2 1/2" x 8ft* board from Home Depot for $2.12 each.  And some sparkly tuelle from Hobby Lobby for $2, so the whole project cost me $7 and it made 13 temples!  For the middle part of the temple I used bead board.  I had some left overs from a different project.  So if you don't have bead board, then that is where it will get spendy.

In order to create this, you need a band saw.  The right tools are EVERYTHING!  I cranked everything out in about 2 hours!  Then, I just glued the pieces together with wood glue, and painted it. Voila!  It was SUPER easy, just takes time and skill.  If you are interested in the template, send me a coment and I will upload them.  The project is about 5"w x 7"h. 

*After doing this, I may have upgraded to a 6"x 8' piece of wood, that way, I could have made the back two steeples in one piece instead of two, then I could have glued the middle bead board piece on top. 
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Girls Camp Craft: Magnetic Board

For a girls camp craft we made magnet boards.  I saw this idea on Pin terest where they used stove top covers.  Unfortunately, the Dollar Store by me didn't sell them anymore.  So I found the next best thing, a 12" pizza tin ($1).  It was PERFECT and a 12x12" scrapbook paper fit like a glove. As far as magnets go, I wanted to use the clear stones, but I found that they weren't strong enough to hold a piece of paper.  So I just used wood square pieces I found at Michaels.  Then clothespins from the Dollar Store.  All in all, it was around $2.50 per girl, but depending if you have some supplies on hand, I bet you could make it less than that. 

Girls Camp: Pillow Treat

I bought the tissues at the Dollar Store.  They came in a 8 pack for $1. 
For girls camp every year we do a pillow treat each night for the girls.  I came up with this idea last year and it went over so well, that we decided it will be something we will continue to do every year.  We make sure that this is given to them the night before testimony meeting so that they come prepared.  Usually, our tent leaders will incorporate our treat into a nightime devotional. 

If you'd like the print out, click on the link below:
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Come Follow Me: July-What Does It Mean to Take the Name of Jesus Christ Upon Me

This was my handouts for the girls.  I think it would ha ve been great to get the actual name tags from the store, but I didn't have the chance to get there.  So, I found the image on line and added to it.  If you're interested in a FIB template you can download one HERE.
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