Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lesson #7: Homemaking

I am SUPER excited for this lesson!  I purchased a set of 4 wooden spoons from walmart for $.88.  In our yw closet, we had a metal stamping set we had used for another activity.  The wood on these spoons were so soft just a few hits with the hammer left a really great indent.  So, I stamped on my saying and then to make the words stand out, I  just traced over the letters with marker.
After that was done, I tied the spoons with ribbon and attached this recipe card with it. I am so happy with the way the recipe card turned out. I couldn't be more pleased!

* NOTE: I made a mistake! I first did the red (Not washable) marker and it LOOKS really cute, but when it gets wet the marker bleeds. So I went over it with a black fine point sharpie, which will not bleed. So please don't make my same mistake, just use a permanent marker if you do this and not the colored marker. If you don't have the stamping set, I bet just writing it with permanent marker would also work.

Click Here to use the free printable for the recipe card front
To give credit, to where credit is due, I found the template for thre recipe cards here.

Posted by PicasaClick Here to open the quote for the back of the recipe card.


  1. Thanks so much for your adorable hand out idea & free downloads. I will be using this for my lesson on Sunday :)

  2. I truly love you for making this darling handout that is saving me after crazy busy week and desire to have a great lesson for my girls! Thanks!

  3. I just made these for my girls. I'm so excited to give it to them on Sunday. I made 12 and it only took me about an hour to complete. I didn't have ribbon so I cut up strips of fabric and tied that on. Looks cute.