Sunday, July 8, 2012

Personal Progress goals to finish in a Day

I am over Personal Progress in my ward and the challenge we have had with the girls is that they feel overwhelmed.  I went through the book and created a list of all the personal progress experiences that you could do in one day.  I gave it to the girls and I am so happy to report that is has helped!!!!  For an activity one night, we helped the girl log in to Personal Progress Online.  We help them set up their account and told them how to work it.  As I checked their log, one of my beehives had about 8 more done.  When I talked to her about it, she said she did the ones on the list.  Wahooo!!!!  That is success to me!  If you'd like to print off the list, Click Here.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

YW Temple Month-Wedding Reception Activity

 I am so proud about this activity!  We actually did a whole temple month filled with lessons and activities starting with dating and ending with a Wedding.  At the beginning of the month we had our dating lessons on Sunday, then for Tuesdays we did a growing in grace class given by White Elegance, then an etiquette dinner with their dads, dating panel with the priests (Sunday Lesson), then we did a Bridal Shower (that was kitchen themed and we had all the girls bring their favorite food to share with the recipe and then we compiled it into a recipe book for them), and ended with a Sunday Celestial Marriage lesson and then a Wedding Reception.  We invited mom's and their daughters to the evening.  During the night we had a wedding fashion show and then my mother-in-law who works in the SL Temple came and talked to the girls about the temple, particularly what will happen the day you enter the temple.  These are some photos from the wedding reception that we did. 
This is what we set up when the girls walked in.  We did a few page layouts with pictures of the girls on them that they could sign. 

These are the corsages we made each girl to wear throughout the evening. 

 We also let all of the Laurels dress up in their mothers wedding dresses. Then we had a fashion show in which we had the girls start back stage and walk down this aisle as I read facts about them and the dress.  The Miamaids were bridesmaids that wore prom dresses and then the beehives were the flower girls and wore church clothes.

This was the BEST Part of the whole night!  I was shocked how well everyone LOVED this table.  We were able to ask all of the parents to bring their own wedding photos and we laughed and laughed and laughed!  Oh how the styles have changed!

We set up a little photo shoot for mom's and their daughters.

This was the food tables, a little plain, but we had some dollar sandwiches grapes, carrots and wedding cake for dessert.

 At the end of the night we gave the girls each a gift shown above.  We went off of the saying, "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue."  The something old was a ring I made for the girls with an ancient Armenian symbol of eternity, some thing borrowed was the poem that my husband wrote to go with it (if you'd like a copy just email me), something new was a temple recommend holder that we made the girls and something blue was the blue ribbon that we tied the package with.  Oh!  It was perfect!  If you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment.  I would love to give you further details.  I have so much info on the night.  It was incredible!
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