Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mutual Activity: Missionary Pillowcases

We LOVE our Missionaries and are thankful for their service!
For Mutual, we decided we would send the missionaries from our ward, as well as the full-time missionaries serving in our Stake, a little "Thank You" for all they do, and also to let them know we support and love them.  Some of the YW have brothers on missions, so it was especially meaningful to them.  I made this sign and printed it onto transfer paper and ironed it onto the pillowcases. We then had the girls write their favorite scriptural reference and their name on it as well as the Elder's favorite scriptural reference (just for filler, we wrote some extra scriptures as well and let the girls doodle a bit).  All of the missionary mothers were more than happy to send it to them in their packages anyways, so it saved us on shipping.  We asked the mom's ahead of time so they could prepare.  

For the Full-time missionaries in our Stake, we had a group of girls baking cookies while they weren't signing and at the end of the night, we folded the pillow cases, tied it in a ribbon, and took it to the missionaries with a plate full of hot cookies.  

Remember, as you write on these, you'll need to put a book or piece of cardboard between the case so the markers don't bleed through.  We just used Sharpie markers, but know that they bleed, so it would have been helpful to use fabric markers instead.

Click on the link to print out the "Return With Honor" Iron on Transfer. Note: it is backwards so that when you iron it on it will be the right way,

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