Friday, January 20, 2012

"Stick with Personal Progress"- sticky notes

I am so excited about this idea!  We made these to give to the girls at our Young Women's in Excellence program.  I was inspired by another leader who told me as she was working on her personal progress goals, she would put sticky notes on her mirror to help her remember which goal she was working on.  I thought it would be perfect to customize some sticky notes for our young women to do the same.  I found a website, VISTA PRINT, that will customize them for you.  If you "google" vista print, you can find an offer for 50% off sticky notes.  This was kind of more on the expensive end, but totally worth it, and it turned out to be less than $1 per girl.  I went through the personal progress book and found that there is a little over 16 goals that require "two weeks or more".  These are what the girls would use the sticky notes for.

For example, If they were working on being more christlike for two weeks, they would write which value experience that would be, then in the goal section write: "be more christlike", and what the date will be in two weeks when this will be completed. I just uploaded the photo of the temple I found on
Sugardoodle here, then used Vista Print's editing program to make a custom sticky note. Each pad comes with 50 sheets, and I needed 16 sheets per girl, so I was able to get 3 sets out of each pad. That may help you when deciding how many you need. The more quanitity you buy, the bigger discount you get. Once seperated, I just cut a plain white piece of paper the same size as the sticky note and put it on the back so that it looked like a full pad of sticky notes. 

I attached this saying to the back of the sticky note, thne tied it with tuelle to embellish it.  If you'd like the quote click Here.

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  1. i know this was posted over a year ago but i am loving this idea. this is something my little YW could use! thanks for the post.

  2. Custom sticky pad are always popular promotional item. You can use this to jot a note to your customer and also can give them the pads. Customers always love these type of pads because of there larger writing area.