Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Ink"redible Valentine Cards

You're "Ink"redible Valentine!

I found a sale on some cute Valentine Stamps at Oriental Trading.  My girl's wanted these stamps to give to their friends, but I had no idea how I'd tie it into a Valentine.  After looking all over the web and finding nothing, my husband came up with this cute little saying.  I think it is perfect!  I stumbled across the most AMAZING free, personal use graphics site: My Cute Graphics.  I am so grateful there are people out there willing to share their amazing talents! Thank you!
I toyed with the idea of how to attach them.  I finally found that a hole punch, did just the trick! I think it is about 1/2"-1" (just as long as it is small enough that the big part of the stamp won't go through). Print out on cardstock and there you have it! In the words of my 6 year old, "Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!"

Click Below if you'd like to print out these Valentine's for yourself.  Remember, only personal use, not for resale!

 "Ink"redible Valentine Card Printable
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  1. These are so darling!! I was wondering if you came up with the saying on your own because I've seen a lot of ideas but never this one. Katelyn loved the stamp. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Amy,
      Yes! Brady came up with the saying. I looked everywhere online and found NOTHING to play on the stamp idea. Brady is super clever when it comes to sayings (I guess it comes from his infamous jokes!). I am glad Katelyn liked them, Brinklee was begging for the leftover stamps!