Tuesday, February 5, 2013

YW Personal Progress Valentine Exchange

For our Young Women mutual activity tonight, we had a Valentine Exchange.  The girls had so much fun.  We made Valentine boxes to judge and the girls brought Valentines to give to each other.  To tie it into Personal Progress, I had the girls write one positive quality about each girl (Individual Worth #3,7) on their Valentines.  After we were done with the exchange, we then frosted sugar cookies.  For the Valentine Box Contest, I had 7 different categories for the awards.  I was blown away with how much time and effort the girls put into their boxes.  The contest categories are as follows:

  • "Take My Breath Away"-Best Overall
  • "Laugh Attack"-funniest box
  • "Queen of Hearts"-Box with the Most Hearts
  •  "Eternal Love"-Most time spent
  • "Hopeless Romantic"- Frilliest and Fanciest
  • "Clever Cupid"-Most Creative
  • "Heartbroken"-No effort/ Ran out of Time
Here’s a link to the voting sheetValentines voting sheet
 Here are some pictures and details of the night.
This Cupcake Box won the "Hopeless Romantic" Award

This box  won the "Eternal Love" Award.  I can see why, that does look like to to FOREVER!
Justin Bieber obviously won the "Laugh Attack" Award!

 This was the Grand Prize Winner: Bubble Gum Machine.

This Duck came in a close second place for most creative!

This won the Creative Cupid Award.  She wrapped it in red and white lights and when you opened the box, it played music (she used a Hallmark card that sang a song and taped it to the hinge).  So cute and clever!

This pig was a close runner up for Funniest!

 She won the "Queen of Hearts" Award.

Taking home the Grand Prize!


These are the Prizes that I made for the girls.  I saw a similar idea on Pinterest.  I found these glasses at the dollar store, filled them with bath salts, a rose-shaped soap, a sponge for the top.  For the straw, I used a decorative pen.  The girls LOVED them!

This was the Grand Prize Award.  I found this kit at the dollar store and embellished it. 

Inside I added some goodies.

I just had to share my valentine box.  I am so proud of it!  My little girl wanted me to make a Flamingo.  I made this for under $5, only bought the feathers and paint.  I used balloons, toilet paper rolls and paper mache. 


  1. Did they decorate the boxes before the activity?

  2. Yes. A week or two before the activity at church we sent out a small list with the different categories on it so that they could make their boxes accordingly.

  3. Cute idea! If you still have the voting sheet I would love a copy. Thanks. jayclint33@yahoo.com

  4. I would love the voting sheet! thompson4225@gmail.com

    1. I've sent it to your email. Good luck!

  5. Would love the votjng sheet also.....❤️ This idea where mutual falls on Valentines!